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How to i increase impression , view, and click

acctually i am new on fiverr how to i increase impression , view, and click

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try to active more than 20hrs

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thanks for you suggetion

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Create more gigs that increase your exposure on search?

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i have created 7 gig first time impressiona are increasing but day by day my impression are decreasing


i am having same problem



Congratulations on the 7 gigs. Your overall exposure is much better now for sure. Next would be to promote your gigs and spread the word. Facebook group for Fiverr promotion is a good place to start and can increase the number of views and impressions for your gigs for free. Simply search ‘Fiverr Promotions’ on Facebook and you will find plenty of such groups. Best of luck :grinning:

P.S. it happened to us when we just became a member of Fiverr and many others. You are not alone.


Welcome and best of luck! Wow, I didn’t know there are fiverr facebook groups. I will check them out!

I have same problem im sharing gigs on social media but still have few impression views and clicks

I’m new to fiverr and I just created my first 3 gigs. Slowly, I started getting some impressions and even a few clicks. Hopefully buyers will come soon.

tnks for you suggation


when i marketing my gig on social media like, twitter then i see impression and click are increasing

A pleasure and love to help :grinning:

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