How to I will get payment if a Clint do not review!


How to I will get payment if a Clint do not review ! The client use the full services (Social Media Marketing --three day package). But Today he making sounds different where as my keywords setup and Ads design, Paid Ads setup every things earning good amount of traffic and likes on his facebook page. Now he is replying if sells happen I will review you. Now he trying to escaping the payment by any reason. So in that case how can I will get my service payment! Is fiverr Have any solution for this type of conflicts? where in My Gigs I have boldly mention on FAQ “Facebook page manage & marketing is not a warranty sells service. It is the service where your page viewer / traffic will be increase for your store / products.”

Please help me !


You will be paid whether he reviews or not. Don’t worry if you delivered the work you will be paid. It does not depend on if he leaves a review or not.


as misscrystal said, you will get your payment. After the order marked as complete (auto/manual)It will take 14 days funds to be cleared to withdraw. You can see the clearance process in your earnings section.


I don’t think the issue is specific to Clints though. I’ve had Pauls, Brads and Phils not review my gigs. :slight_smile:

All joking aside, when 3 days pass your order auto-completes and funds start the 14-day clearing process.

I would be most concerned about your client’s expectations and whether there was a misunderstanding on what they will get if I were you though.