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I sended 10 buyer request but no order i got what i do
can u tell me what i type in buyer requests if he wants logo for website


I think the most important things is :
Write it in good English.
You should show buyer that you can do that and be confident about what you do.
You can say him that you are free to chat with him and let him PM you even if he don’t think 100% about you.
Show him your portfolio and also show him that you have read his post carefully.
If I were buyer these things would be important for me.


Thanks for help brother.

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Really? You’ve sent only ten BR responses – one day’s worth of BR access, and you’re already complaining about no one hiring you yet? Buddy, Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick website. Success here will take time, and it will require you to do a lot more than send just ten BR responses. If you’re here to help buyers solve their problems, great. If you’re here to get rich, it’s not going to happen.


Hey ,
I am not here because of money , i am boring because of no buyer no work on fiverr.
hope u understand me ,
Thanks for your time !

So, if you’re not here on Fiverr to earn any income, what you’re saying is, you’re here to offer your work as a free charity to others? And you’re complaining because no one is instantly taking you up on your free charity services?


yeah ! i just want to show my hard work to peoples

That’s not what Fiverr is for. If you just want to show your work to other people, put your work in an art gallery. Fiverr is for freelancers who wish to earn an income by hosting their freelance services for the benefit of buyers who need those services.

Fiverr is a for-profit website. If you’re not here for profit, then why are you complaining about people not ordering from you?


Recently u said fiverr is not quick rich website , do your own work and good luck !

I’ve been working here for over five years. I do indeed do my own work, and I am very good at it too. I am here on the forums to help others focus their attention on being successful. And, so far, it doesn’t sound like you have that focus. No one can help you get orders, or teach you how to be successful, until you’re willing to approach Fiverr from a business perspective.

Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick website, it is not a free-orders website, and it is not an art gallery just for the fun of it. This is a business. Your gigs are a business. Show me how you are – or are willing to – approach Fiverr as a business.