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How to improve buyer request on fiverr?


Hello, I am new in fiber. I have created seven gigs but only 10-20 buyer requests come to me, sometimes do not get buyer request. Please advise me how the buyer request can be extended.
My gig :


i checked your gig, nice gig. try to improve your gig ranking.


Please use English only.If any user don’t understand your reply as you written in other language, they can flag your comment . You may edit the comment and write in English.

@siraj114 :star: Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, Etc.) .


thank u brother…


Brother any tips ? i am also a newbie. i have checked out your profile, i like it. :slight_smile: your advice will be appreciated.


@wp_kid please checked my post.


You can send 10 offer per days. It’s fixed for all sellers :slight_smile:


elder brother sometimes you change your gig category


Is it effective for impressions. @mehedi_rimu