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How to improve buyer request?


I don’t have many buyer requests at all. How to increase buyer request daily?


Send 10 buyer request everybody as per procedure


i dont have 10 active buyer request…there are 1 or 2 buyer request active


Sometimes I face Issues then what to do . Is there any way to get more:cry:


As you are a new seller, you’ll not get so many buyer request. But you can create 7gigs, then the amount of buyer requests will increase, i hope.
At certain times of a day you will notice there are 10-20 offers. Wait for that certain time & utilize it properly.
And once you become a level 1 seller ,then you’ll see there is 2k/3k/4k buyer requests :stuck_out_tongue:


From the beginning, I also got only a few buyer requests. But gradually I am giving more time with Fiverr. Now I am getting more buyer requests. Keeping active long time in Fiverr may bring you more buyer requests. You should check the tags you’ve given in the relative section- its much more important!


though i get 1K i can send only 10 perday …


thanks :slight_smile:


No you will have to check every 5 minutes you will see one two or more then send request you can send only 10 requests everyday


Absolutely, agree with you.


mainly 6pm -9 pm and 2am - 5 am. you can get more buyer request