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How to improve communication skill to deal with buyer?

Hello fiverr Peoples,

I recently got some message from clients. But I didn’t get order from them. When the buyer discussed about their demand with me, then they also discussed with some other seller too. I failed to convince their with my words or negotiation. For that they went to another seller and I lost another client.
So my question is how to improve my communication skill to convince buyer with my magnetic word. Give some tips & tricks.

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Big thing: Make sure that you talk in a way that people understand what you’re saying. If you talk in bits and pieces, it’s likely that the client won’t want to work with you because it’s hard to communicate! If you can’t speak English well, I would recommend taking a few English courses online.

Second big thing: Make sure that you don’t say anything that violates the TOS. Buyers will usually (and hopefully) see that as a red flag.



Firstly I thank you for your kind information. English isn’t a problem. I think communication skill doesn’t mean that you have to know English and also guess communication skill means how I convince other with my approach.
When the buyer messages me, I asked him about his need in detail, like what color combination do you like? How many pages do you want on your website? and etc etc. I don’t want to face any problems after getting that order. I had to cancel my very first order that’s why I much conscious about getting an order. You know a review is a great factor.
I want to know what’s the magnetic word, tips and tricks or approach I have to use to get orders from the client from the very start of messaging.

You need to have a good grasp of the English language - which, it seems, from reading your post, you do not.

There is no “magnetic” word that you can use that will lure buyers in - the buyers probably did not choose you after talking with you because they feared that your ability to understand fully what they need and want is not there yet.

Improve your English if it is English speaking people you intend to attract.



Thanks @genuineguidance :heart:


As I said in my earlier post and @genuineguidance added, knowing English is definitely important when you communicate with others. The official language on Fiverr is English!

There’s really no tricks to talking with a buyer. Just imagine you were the buyer and think about what you would want to hear.

Also, another tip: Don’t call your buyer “sir” or “mam” or “dear” or “dude” or really anything like that. Either don’t call them anything or call them by their username!

Thanks! I hope this helps!


I was really impressed by your topic at a first glance - here’s somebody who wants to learn!
Then you said there is no need to have a good grasp of English to successfully deal with buyers. So, which language are you going to speak? How would you “convince” them to work with you?
English is the first thing you should learn or improve.
Don’t be too anxious while dealing with buyers - I understand you had a bad experience in the past, but drowning a potential buyer in questions won’t guarantee an order. Be polite and brief. That’s what I can suggest based on your replies.
But as already stated there aren’t tricks or simply ways to deal with people.