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How to improve English speaking skills quickly


hello forum community brother and sister, I’m new on Fiverr.
I have one question for all. and need valuable tips for my career.

my question is, how to improve my English speaking skills quickly.


Can you take a class at a place in your area?

Or maybe find an English speaking friend to work with you?

There are also sellers on Fiverr who offer this service.

Good luck.


hi, vickiespencer thanks for share your valuable suggestion. I hope it will help me.


you have to talk in english


thanks mosheur_rezuan vaiya


If you are into listening to music or watching videos/movies, maybe you could also start listening to/watching English songs, movies, etc. In my opinion, it could be a fun way of improving your English. If I were to learn a new language, this is what I would do. :slight_smile:

The “quickly” part entirely depends on how quick a learner you are.


@thealamin, Fastest way to improve your English Skill is to Watch Hollywood Movies with English subtitles. And try to understand dialog. Try to translate subtitles in your language. That works for me a lot. Hope, it will also works for you. :grinning::grinning:


Hi, hanshuber16 thanks Bro. for share your valuable are awesome. thanks again, bro.


Hello @thealamin. Here is a tip for you: if you are trying to learn English faster for business purposes (such as on Fiverr) you will want to avoid slang until you are very familiar with it. You don’t want to call others by words like “sis and bro” or even “sister and brother” because these terms are not professional.

Cultures also vary, so you have to be careful about gender. I would avoid gender specific terms and words like Sir, Madam, etc. Just call people by their usernames if you don’t know them very well, or just use generic words like “hello.”

In general, use English as much as possible and work on professional wording. If you encounter people in your area who speak English, use it. Get on more online forums with English speakers and practice talking with them. Don’t slip into your native language even if you encounter others who speak it.


thanks for your opinion


You can find some free courses online for ESL (English as a second language). Type in Free ESL Classes Online in a search and see what you can find.

Hope everything works out!