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How to improve get order

Hello, I am new here. How to get on first order? and what I have to do? Please advised me…


send poper buyer request gig marketing


share your gig on social media and send buyer request everyday


Thanks a lot brother

Please tell me if there is better way of gig ranking then social media gig marketing…

Welcome…be active on fiverr forum…send buyer request regularly

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Welcome to Fiverr. You must be active online 12hours. send buyer request and you can Marketing Gig on social media. Best of luck…


Welcome to fiverr. you can do gig marketing on social media


@pixaanwar Use right Keyword and share your gig on social media

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Gig marketing is the best way to rank your gig and get your first order.Most of person think if they are marketing their gig this time not getting any like comment its mean not getting order but truely like comment its not mandotary fiverr want to see are you gig share or not if they get the point that you share your gig on social platform they help you to rank your gig.Thank you so much.


You need to active live at least 12 hrs and send regular request daily


Be active and make low competition keywords gig .

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Marketing your gig in a day 4times. Stay Online and send Buyer Request Everyday. It’s help you to rank your gig

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Share your gig on social media and forum posting site to get impression and click

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Thanks a lot for your valuable advise.

it depends on lot of things,
first of all you need to check your gig is performing well or not.
optimize you gig properly with proper keywords :slightly_smiling_face:

Send at lest 10 buyer request per day… and gig marketing. :blush: :blush: :blush:

Gig marketing is best way to rank gig. i will helo to get your first order.
and send 10 Buyer request regularly. and try to active atlist 15 hours
stay safe

First of all you need to good gig photo and optimize your gig properly keywords and marketing your gig with send buyer request everyday.

  • Try to send 10 buyer request per day
  • Stay active as much as you really can
  • Try to read properly that your buyer asking for in buyer request section. Then send the buyer request.
  • If you get response from the buyer, Try to know that he exactly need.
  • Share your gigs in social media
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