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How to improve gig impression with in no time?

Hello Friends,
i am facing problem from sarting from August that my gig impressions are falling , before that it was performing well. please someone guide how to improve it. My gig link is

Thanking you in advance

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same here. only 2 gig on the first page. but i couldn’t find rest of them

dear we must find solution, my gig was on first page, now unable to find it

only one in the first page

how many gigs do you have, i have only one ,

I got 5 gig and only one is on the first page

It was the same for me, My gig used to be on the top row of first page for my keywords,
Now it is around 5th or 6th row of first page.

My clicks have been disappearing too, this is the first time this year I went 10 days without a new gig.

I wonder if it is time to rework my SEO, but I am afraid that editing my gig will hurt my position even more.

yeah but i suggest dont make any change, if you change it may effect the position of your gig, I made a small change in the gig and its impression went down drastically

This is the same problem not showing front page on fiverr.

yeah, may be some techincal issue