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How to improve gig on fiverr?

Just completed my first order. Welcome everyone here. Please check my profile, is everything is okay. And don’t forget to give impressions.
Thanks all
Profile Link:


If you’re going to solicit help and impressions, you need to make sure your URL is either in your post or in your profile. If you’re asking for free work from others, you at least have to make it easy for them to provide it.

I just added it.

Honestly, your stuff’s pretty tight! I’m used to seeing some real trainwrecks on new accounts, but your gigs - pictures, text, etc - look good. Only (very small) thing I might suggest is to make sure that your commas are correct in your bio, because it’s a dead giveaway for ESL sellers. E.g. if you make a list, it’s red, yellow, blue - not - red , yellow , blue.

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Thank you for this great suggestions

These are my suggestions/comments:

Gig: I will create a responsive wordpress website using elementor pro or astra pro
In the gig description:
“Elementor Pro Page Builder And It’s Supportes Astra Pro Premium Theme” could be “Elementor Pro Page Builder and it supports Astra Pro Premium theme”

Gig: I will speed up or optimize your wordpress website speed
In the gig description:
Maybe reword “Work with high sequre”
“1-6seconds” could be “1-6 seconds”


Thanks a lot for your suggestions