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How to improve gig project

How can I improve my gig

If you read the fiverr terms of service (which you agreed to abide by when you signed up for the platform) you would already know you are not allowed to have two accounts and if you are found to have two accounts, you will be banned from the platform, so why are you asking about two accounts?


No, you can’t make and use 2 accounts, it’s against the terms of the fiverr. If you do your both accounts will be banned.

Lately there were waves of topics all asking the same question (Terms of Service, multiple accounts, getting paid…), all from new accounts, all from the same country (as far as I can tell). It looks like someone took their money for a course where they were advised to start a topic on the forum to see how forum works, or some such nonsense; they don’t seem to come back to see the answers, they post the topic and disappear.


By adding a high quality video to your gig and a professional image describing your gig offer

do your best and get more order :innocent::innocent:

@pingeer, there are no guarantees of sales here on Fiverr.

same you are right:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: