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How to improve Gig ranking and keep getting orders daily basis?

Hi guys, I am Shahzad from Pakistan and a level 2 seller on Fiverr. I suddenly lost ranking my Gigs and lost getting orders. I have been worked hard for a last 5-6 months and started getting orders. I have also 5 star ratings and no negative feedback.

Here Is My Logo Gig Link

Now I have just 6 orders in last 30 days and Impression = 6.2K Clicks = 86 and views = 122

Before this month although I have cancel some orders and some of my orders became late too but I extend the delivery date and also delivered those.

So I want your suggestions how to regain my ranking and start getting order on daily basis.



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The simple answer: Hard work. And plenty of promotion.


Can you please explain how can I do promotion ?

Firstly and most importantly:
Your cancellations and late deliveries will push your gig down the rankings big time. You’re expected to deliver on time, and your gig will not be as heavily advertised if you cannot complete orders either on time or at all.

Additional points to bare in mind:
Regardless of how many orders you get, your gig’s listing will still fluctuate.
Fiverr has to somehow allow for everyone, or a range of gigs to get orders, so naturally gigs will alternate, moving up and down the rankings to allow for other gigs to get sales. It’s possible your gig in one of those stages.

There’s also been instances of gigs going missing from Fiverr’s search index recently, after being edited by the seller, and Fiverr’s team taking up to or around 48 hours to manually review it. That may be a possibility.

Essentially though, as a seller, you must deliver on time and complete orders (avoid cancellations) if you want a steady rate of orders

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Thanks for the help. Though I understand all these points you mentioned but these are also the part of the process like late deliveries OR cancellation the orders. But my question is how much time it should take the listing to come back at some visible place and what more efforts I should do to come back.

If the only thing to come back is taking ORDER and compete it within time and with positive feedback, so how it would possible if I am penalized and now new order from the last month OR so?

Also I also noticed that the new buyer requests are not visible to the me but late after one day time ?


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There won’t be a specific ‘time’ that your gig will return to decent listing positions, so to speak. You’ll have to wait for some orders to come in, and you’ll have to complete them on time and to a high standard.
In essence, you have to get the ball rolling again.

As for your buyer requests, I can’t help unfortunately. I’ve had the issue with mine not showing before but it just sorted itself out, and I didn’t pay too much attention to it

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But this is the point that how can I get the new order if my listing is not there, even I am not getting it on the market place.

And what more the high standards should be with $5. They get 2 concepts +3D mockup + unlimited revisions + High resolution + Vector files + PDF Files and also unlimited time frame including order becoming late. lOl

Any extra effort and rocket science mate ?


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You’re offering far too much for $5 and you’re resulting in overloading yourself with orders to the point where you deliver late. Whatever damage was done by the cancellations is done, but I don’t understand why you’d offer so much for $5, and then set a deadline you can’t meet.

I can’t unfortunately help you with that, but offer an amount you can actually get done in the time period.

You’ll have to be patient while waiting for new orders from now on and deliver the goods when you do get orders

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It’s not offering too much for $5.

Most of the Buyers are not ready to pay more than $5. So how can you survive if you pitch higher than any other seller and when you are specially new?

If you ask $5 more for more revision OR for source file, the result is also cancellation. So what you can do.

So what will happened to you if you ask $5 for design charge + $5 for source file + $5 for 3D mockup + $5 for vector file + $5 for more revision + $5 for high resolution + $5 for PDF file + 5 for 1 day more

So Total Charge for 1 Fiverr logo = $45 = Cancellation = Congratulation!


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I thought you were suggesting that you offer so much that sometimes you can’t complete it on time

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No in last 60 days I only cancel 2 order and that is not because of I am offering too much. Whatever the reason it was, this is another debate.

Does this cancellation rate is too much even if any person order me to design a logo related to any abusive content without asking me and I am not interested to entertain and I cancel the order so why I am penalized over it.

Why it is affecting my Gig ranking which was not my fault ?

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And it was also a mutual cancellation. SO?

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Informative!! message

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Do not reject the order and work as well as possible.
But there are some buyers who are difficult to serve.

Just market your gigs.
Marketing is a very broad explanation

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Hi, don’t fear from the sudden decline in the Impressions and the Rankings. If it continues to happen for more than 5 days then I would suggest making ‘edits’ to your Gig.

Try changing the description, adding more FAQs and changing the title. By making edits, Fiverr gives a temporary boost to your Gig.