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How to Improve gig

How to Improve my gig please Please suggest me …

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You need to check out Fiverr Academy: to get perfect idea about how to make perfect gigs.

I don’t really believe in gig seo.
You have to improve your service first and the pictures should show that you are providing awesome service here. And Fiverr now allows you to upload pdf files. you should upload your pdf which contains history of your services.

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Thank you.

GETTING MORE TRAFFIC: Traffic! Traffic!! Traffic!!!. Much is been said about traffic and really, the importance cannot be overemphasized.

Your welcome sir

I am also new seller here.Your advice quite impressive, can I write my active site link in pdf file.

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Hello @rehmankhan113

Here are some advice which i gave to other friedns here - Don’t get order.How can I get order?

They found it as helpful for their position and they have success to improve their profile and GIGs.

If you need more help after that, write me :slight_smile:

i have been waiting for order but unfortunately i can’t get it…what should i do?