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How to improve gigs dropping from the listing

Everyone must have noticed that the search algorithm has changed lately, my all gigs were always in the first row of the first page, Now noticed that my gigs are on the last page. I have been having this problem for the last two months. With almost 35 to 40 orders per month these 2 months I almost had few orders from new buyers I think 10-12 orders, Anyone knows how to rank the gigs, I’ve tried to update them day by day my impressions and everything went catastrophic down. Is the new search algorithm going to change back to how it was or is it going to remain like that?


Not this again.

A change in page doesn’t mean an algorithm page.

Do you know any solution?

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I have some, but frankly I’m tired of repeating it.

I recommend researching the forum and researching sales principles. Look up how online marketplaces work.

And stop relying on ranking high in category pages to sell. No sustainable business relies on factors it can’t control.

Please tell me…

You want to be successful, yet you don’t want to research.

You want to blame the algorithm despite not seeking to understand how it works and why.

Think about that.

And I’m not here to spoonfeed you information you’d find if you took initiative and looked. I shouldn’t have to repeat myself 20 times per week.


Ok, thanks for your suggestion.