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How to improve gigs sales - Ten months Ten orders only - Sad


Its been nearly Ten months. But I have received only 10 orders. Out of Ten I received Nine 5 Star reviews with good positive feedback. Is this good for future sales ? Anyone know how to improve gigs stats and order conversion rate ? Please help and let me know if you notice any wrongs things on my gigs. Please check this gig links down here





5- disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


Hi @leenathwymkthi I understand, it must suck,

I’ve not sold much, you have probably sold more than I have, but a quick look at your gigs, I think they are in the wrong category.

If you have ever bought on Fiverr, you should know Fiverr is so granular in leading a buyer to a gig according to their needs. You have better odds if your gigs are in the right category.

Your gigs are in Graphics Design/Vector tracing. Truth is I have no idea what you do…lol…but when I look at the recommendations Fiverr gives below your gig, they are totally different from your gig.

I think you should be in a place like Programming & Tech / Data Analysis & Reports / Data Mining/Scraping

Besides, that, You will have to do a lot of self-promotion especially outside Fiverr plus the buyer request page. Apply for all gigs within your abilities.

All the best.


Are you sure you’re even on the right platform for this type of work?
I did a quick search on GIS maps and there are only 100+ gigs on it and only 8 people have made it to level 2. So even if you had most of the market here you wouldn’t make enough money.

Most likely your target audience doesn’t come to Fiverr.
You should figure out where your target audience is and go there.

You should start with market research. I think you’ve skipped that step.


There is no black and white, generic answer to this. You need to understand your target audience and develop your business to that.

You don’t get sales simply because all of your reviews have five-stars. It’s way more complicated than that and has more to do with your business development than to the business model of Fiverr. In your gigs you aren’t indicating the value of your work or why anyone would hire you. Don’t just say what you do. Prove how it solves a problem for your market. Without evidence of this, people won’t discover you and certainly won’t buy from you.


Thanks for your feedback and the suggestions. I am totally sure that my gigs are in the right category. :slight_smile:


Yes sure! I should follow a market research also. Thanks for your suggestions.


Thanks for your great idea. I should make some changes in my gigs following your advice. Thanks again