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How to improve impression on my Gig?


As a new comer in Fiverr, I have less experience in improving gig impression. Any valuable suggestion regarding that would be highly appreciated.Thanks.


Here is a List of Tips / Tricks and Legit ways to increase impression and views.

I Do Follow This Method

1: By Ranking your Gig: Rank your Gig in Fiverr Searches. Guys very few peoples know Fiverr is using Searching Logs to show a list of Gigs. Use most searchable keywords in your Gigs.
2: Using Service Requests: Go to your Account > More > Buyer Request, you can see custom buyer request, Apply and send an offer (Gigs) to those requests. You Gig impression and views also increase.
3: Social Media: Social Media is also playing a vital role to gain the views and impression. Use Facebook Groups and LinkedIn are 2 best methods, not only views maybe you also got some Orders if you use LinkedIn. You know LinkedIn is one of the serious social media places to get some B2B Leads.
4: Off-Site Methods: Build your Own Web page and Rank to Search Engine on Different keywords.
5: All Paid Methods: Using all paid methods to e.g. FB Ads, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google ad words etc… to generate view and impression.


Thanks for your valuable time.


Sixth time in the last couple of hours I’m repeating my answer but here you go again.

You can not affect artificially gig impressions. Gig impressions affects only how many times fiverr shows your gig. And here is how it works:

But if you mean something different then please adjust your question.
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thanks for you we are a good idea to share


You have to take advantage of the facebook groups… post everyday… don’t spam, but intelligently share your gig amongst relevant groups