How to Improve My AdWords Gig


Hi, I would like to try my luck on fiverr and want to become a full time worker on fiverr. It has been always a nightmare for me whenever I launch a new gig. I need your kind feedbacks to improve my gigs performance.


You can start by re-writing your sales copy from the perspective of how your target customer can benefit by ordering your gig. People don’t care so much about you - they care about themselves. So don’t talk about you first. Talk about what you can do for your customer first. Makes sense? Also, many people are not familiar with industry buzzwords like, “optimize” – but many do understand “more sales”. So, consider re-doing your title to something more succinct like, “I will setup your google adwords to make more sales”. After all, isn’t the whole point of “optimizing” to get more sales? :wink:


Thanks for your valuable feedback, will definitely implement and make changes in my gig


Yes, yes, yes, yes!

Most powerful line in sales: “Let me tell you how I have helped grow other businesses, and how I can do the same for yours.”


Just an observation (since I am a brand guy that helps other people see things in better ways) – a rather unfortunately observation, in fact. Your Fiverr user name has an unfortunate element to it. I realize you were going for “adwordsexpertz”, but you need to be mindful of how letters combined together ACTUALLY look. Some letters stand out in ways you may not have wanted them to. The middle letters in your name are extremely unfortunate, and make your name actually look more like this: “adwordsexpertz”.

Like I said… some letters just don’t work well together.

Consider that your free brand advice for the day. :wink:


Hi Selfors & jonbaas,
Thanks for your valuable feedback. I will really follow your requests.

How about the price & description. I understand I need to modify title & profile pic. Is the description too lengthy? Is it boring or a good sales copy. I am not good at writing. It has been a month I launched my gig but no single order. Please help me get some orders as I am good in the subject of Google AdWords


Since I didn’t offer you any actionable suggestions for improvement, it would be very hard for you “follow my requests”. :wink:


Same advice we’ve given elsewhere tonight… New guys need to slave away for $5 to get those first reviews. $10 is too much for a new seller. Forget all about the hourly rate of the thing, which is ridiculous at first. The first 10 orders are just for the ratings, not the money.

The description is too long (and yet includes some clunky abbreviations), your handle is unfortunate (unless you change your profile pic to a risque but acceptable image and run with the double entendre), and the graphic doesn’t jump out.

I think a good video would help you, but I always say that, and I sell in categories where that is true, but I’m not sure it is for your category.

As things go, those cobwebs on your profile picture are well chosen. You seem to know what you’re doing with Adwords, however, so there is hope.


Hi Selfors,

Really a nice piece of advice. In detail. I will definitely figure out the changes to be done. Already I have changed my profile pic to my own pic. Need to work on description & video part. I think I have to outsource for writing my fiverr gig description.


Ah, but this is a service we are offering tonight. Replace all you have with this:

No one on Fiverr can get you more bang for your Adwords buck then I will.
If you’ve got a nice website, you need Adwords to bring in visitors. But studies show that more than 90% of Adwords spending is wasted. That’s good for Google, but very bad for you.
With this gig, I will create for you a perfect Google Adwords campaign, making the most of all the advanced features. I’ll get you launched with each campaign type: Search, Display, Remarketing and Youtube. I will follow your campaigns for 15 days, make tweaks to optimize your campaign.
Once you order, we’ll start with a quick consultation to determine your goals, Adwords budget, and expectations. Then I’ll go to work creating powerful Adwords campaigns that will bring an explosion of traffic to your website.
Of course, if you are not completely satisfied, I will cheerfully refund your order. But believe me, you will be happy, because absolutely no one has more experience or skill at producing a return on your Adwords investment, I promise you.


Hey Selfors,

You are very kind. Thanks for such a wonderful help. You made my day. You saved my time & money giving the complete description of my GIG. Very good experience coming to fiverr forum as I got good help from you. Keep up the goog job of helping people succeed in fiverr

  1. Focus you KEY Points in gig Description (unique and details gig description)
  2. Make a attractive banner
  3. Share on social media