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How to improve my communication skill


I am a new one on this platform, I do not know how to improve my communication skill.I am able to contact with mu buyer but I am not good at. so can you suggest me ???
How to improve me communication skill??
thank you


You could take an online course (eg. a free one). Maybe search for the type of course you want. You could also add a spell checker to your browser if that would help.

There’s also the Fiverr Skill Tests which might help or might at least show what type of things could be improved.


Some key elements:

Before a buyer places an order:

  • Thank them for contacting you
  • Ask them questions about the work. Don’t just ask them to order from you. They messaged you, so they obviously want to talk about the project with you.
  • If they are not sure about what they want, offer suggestions and ask for their opinion.

Once they place the order:

  • Thank them for choosing you
  • Let them know you are working on their order
  • Should they need to add anything to their requirements, remind them that they can message you

Generally, keep your messages short, but clear and pleasant :palm_tree:


thank you so much sir


thank you so much… I have learned lots of things on your comment:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


One more thing, please make sure you use “sir” and “ma’am” correctly.
If you’re not sure of the buyer’s gender, don’t assume and don’t just address your buyer by “sir”.

In any case, I’m glad you found my tips useful :pray: