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How to improve my copywriting gig

Hey guys, I’ve been on fiverr since October and i haven’t made a single sale. I tried to give it the best shot i could but all to no avail. Right I’m about to give up and on the brink of breaking.
Here is my gig link:

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I’m also new to Fiverr, but we’re in similar niches. What do your statistics say? Do you have some impressions but no clicks?

Then you might want to improve your thumbnail images because that’s the first thing that caught my eye. The image quality is low and it looks like a random picture from Google Images. I would suggest that you create something catchy with your face on it.

Maybe that helps if you have impressions but no clicks.

Also try to improve your headline “killer sales landing website copywriting” is a bit confusing. Are you writing a landing page copy, or copy for general web pages? Or are you working on sales pages? All three are different categories.

Hope this helps for the start.


Maybe change the title. Maybe check how the FAQ answer is written. I’m not sure it should switch from “I” to “us” at the end of the description.

For the other gigs, 2 of them have the same gig image. Maybe make each gig have a unique image.

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I would say the main problem is that the title of the gig is very poor. To convince people that you know all about SEO copywriting, your title needs to be so much better (and to show that you understand about SEO!) since the words of your title do not appear to have considered SEO themselves!

My advice would be to ensure every word in the title is the kind of word on which clients are likely to search–otherwise, you’re merely wasting words and potential.

For example, how many people will search on ‘craft out’ or ‘killer’ when seeking SEO copy–and why is SEO not in the title?

There is also confusion about whether you’re only offering landing pages.

The gig description is great and I would certainly hire you as a writer or editor based on the gig description–but it might be that I’d hire you for general article writing rather than SEO-based writing, merely because I find that title unconvincing when you’re advertising an SEO copywriting gig.

I think you have excellent writing standards judging by the general description–but that the SEO abilities are not in evidence in the gig yet!

Otherwise, I see nothing wrong with the gig… the fact nobody has saved it to favourites, however, tells me it is not well ranked as a gig and I feel this is because you are not citing the right words in the header.


Why don’t you open a new one!?

Hey I can give you some helpful resources if you want…

Check out this video

I will do so. Thanks, I appreciate your effort.

Thanks, fiverr peeps. I’ll make the changes ASAP as you’ve suggested. You guys just boosted my zeal back up.

Also, to reply to your question; I’ve had both impressions and clicks.