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How to improve my fiverr profile and Gig

Hi all guys How to Improve my fiverr profile and Gig. My best work Always give my Clint. I am try all time Clint Satisfy.

Please visit my Fiverr profile:

Please suggest me anything worng.


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Hello @mdrakibullbd, I see your gigs and find your portfolio is cool. First in the description, unless your target audience is a religious company, I think better you didn’t mention any religion at all. Also, you said that you’re a professional graphic designer with experience 3 years, there, would be better if you show the portfolio of popular brand you work with/large project that you have been done. Last, as a fellow graphic designer, I find working on the logo within 24 hours or within a few hours is simply impossible for me, and probably most designer that graduate from art & design university.

In fiverr, graphic designer is much of competition, so it wouldn’t suprise me if you find it hard to sell your service here.

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Thanks for your support.

I wish you luck and don’t give up.

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Please suggest me what can I do?
How to show Graphic Design experience my Clint?
Please help me.

I don’t do graphic design here on fiverr. However, locally when I try to sell my service, I promote my self with my portfolio from my previous client, from my previous work I gain trust with new client and able to compete with same fellow designer. In graphic design world, which is now too crowded, people will compare you to other graphic designer. You just need to show better appeal from other, the rest is rolling on the luck.

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How to need my farst Oder?