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How to Improve My Following Mathematics Gig?

Sir Please, Suggest me How to improve my Mathematics Gig.

As far as I remember, Fiverr does not allow academic gigs anymore, which includes helping with assignments, tests, papers and such. Fiverr has removed academic gigs before, it may still remove them.

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Have you any proof about you say?

Fiverr hasn’t updated its terms of service page on that matter, and they haven’t given an official statement on the matter yet, but many on the forum have been witnessing academic gigs being taken down one by one, because of unethical reasons, and because of countries where it’s illegal to provide or hire such services and thus Fiverr would break those laws by keeping such gigs.

If you choose to proceed with academic-related gigs, it will be at your own risk though :wink:

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Do you really mean what you’re saying there? :wink:

everyone on the forum has been witnessing academic gigs being taken down one by one, because of unethical reasons

Yeah, but Woofy is right, you can find relevant posts with forum search :mag_right:.
It might be better to contact Customer Support with a link to your gig and ask them if it’s okay like that or not, so you can think about a ‘compatible’ gig than to get orders and reviews on the gig only to have it denied after the fact.
They are very helpful with such things, somewhere it expressly says you can contact them if in doubt about any of your gigs being okay, I think.
Some people manage to get gigs reinstated, but it seems the general policy is: once denied, it’s denied and gone, make a new one.


Yeah, I may have generalized the “everyone” part since the thread I remember about academic gigs was a hot one with a lot of people going crazy about that matter :slight_smile: As for the unethical reasons, that’s what has been said in threads on that matter…

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Didn’t mean that, but it was a joke anyway, never mind. :wink:

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