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How to improve my gig and earn 1st 5$?

Hi, I have launched my gig in october but i haven’t got any orders, not even a single message from a customer. As i am a newbie, can someone here help me how to get started and how to get myself noticed?
Thanks :slight_smile:


Don’t give things up yet, use buyer request section often to propose to client work .


I self learned and have experience in web design and development.

Suggest you remove the above (copied) from your profile description as “self learned” does not come across as professional and will put many buyers off.

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

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use buyer request and forums for first order


Thanks for taking time and reviewing my gig. I’m surely gonna remove that.:slight_smile:


Thanks. For your advice

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Hi Mrasim,

After reading your topic, some questions are coming here. How much time you spend on Fiverr daily? What you have done to improve your gig? Is your gig perfect? Have you compared your gig with other sellers?
I’d advice you to spent more time on fiverr and improve your gig in a good way. Then only you can expect good orders.



great advice carry on.

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Make the gig title, thumbnail, description, and keywords stunning.
Use your own smiley image for profile photo

Try active 24 hours using the mobile app.
Send 10 buyer requests everyday.
Share your gig on social media everyday.

I hope this will work to get your first order. Best of luck!!! :boom: :boom:


Currently, I’m busy in exams but i still take time to come online at night. And yes I’ve compared my gig with other sellers gig and i keep making changes to my gig in order to bring it closer to perfect. But i can’t define what a perfect gig is and how does it look like cause i don’t have lot of experience on fiverr.

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Thanks for the worthy advice. Will surely comply with that. :slight_smile:

Oh Great Mrasim… All the best for your exams also and for Fiverr too…! :relaxed:

No gig is perfect brother. But yes, your way of changing description and other things in gig can make your gig perfect so keep trying…

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I wonder if the buyer request option works or not. Can anyone suggest?

First of all you need to marketing gigs. Send buyer request. Spend some time on fiverr forum

Buyer requests are mostly empty :frowning:

how i can do that ? Please tell me … m also a newbie

From the Selling menu, click More > Buyer Requests :slight_smile:

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