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How to improve my GIG and get buyer's order?

I have joined Fiverr in June 2020 again. But till today I did not get any order. Any experienced fellow would help me to improve my GIG so that they can attract the buyers?
My gigs:


there are only one gig on your profile and also there are no special thing so that you can gather more order i recommand you gather more skill then need to hope for order

In the description you say:

Here I Will Do Your Personal Data Entry Virtual Assistant Work If You Search For A Personal Data Virtual Assistant.

There’s no need for the “If You Search For A Personal Data Virtual Assistant” bit because they’re already looking at your gig at that point. Also I’d change it so that it doesn’t capitalise the first letter of every word in the sentence.

Also in your package descriptions maybe change it so that every word isn’t in all-caps.


Thank you very much for guiding me for the valuable tips of my gig.

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Now I change my gig description. Can anyone help me, how to improve my gig forget buyer’s order?

Please see (DES) point 1 and (IMG) points 2 and 4:

There are also a bunch of useful links in the (RRD) section.