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How to improve my gig and how to way to get order

Hi Dear
I open my fiverr account some days ago. Then I open gig. but my gig impression is very low.
So, I should do now? I should to do delete all gigs and create new gig? and should to do change gig image?

Please visit my account & give me suggestion.

Thank you
Webee abir


your gig marketing social media. active 24 hrs :point_left: fiver and Fiverr forum.


NO. NO. and NO.

Tell me, are you taking your OWN advice and not sleeping since you joined here? I doubt it.

So, don’t tell someone else this nonsense. If you have actually READ the forum, then you have seen this bad advice repeated on other threads. You would have also seen it has been debunked by the older sellers here - and would not go and repeat it just to have something to post on the forum.

Again, NO. Being active 24 hours on Fiverr or active on the Fiverr forum is not the key to getting orders. Period.



thank you dear :heart: :heart: :heart:

This is probably the correct advice. Thank You @genuineguidance for your informative reply.

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Many Many Thanks dear :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Marketing your gig social media
must be very active in Fiverr forum
Make your gig professionally.
Add attractive image to your gig.
I think it’s good for your gig impression.

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how is this possible man ? stay active in fiverr 24 hour ? how ?
please stop violation stop giving wrong information to new seller who want help from us
a person has basic sleep cycle then how you told him/her to stay active in fiverr 24 hours?
please explain !!!

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No! You do NOT have to be very active in the Forum to get orders. There’s tons of top sellers out there who have probably never even visited the Forum once. Also, the Forum is on a totally different platform and it consists of mostly sellers. Please do some research first before you give all of these tips to new sellers. Thanks!

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