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How to improve my gig and profile?

Hello friends,
I am new seller in Fiverr. How to improve my gig and profile?
Please visit my account and suggest me.

Account link:

Thank you so much!


The postcard gig images: Is there any way to edit the postcards so that I don’t have to turn my head sideways to read them?

Otherwise, profile looks nice. There are some grammar errors, but appearance is good.

Inside the gigs themselves: you should be VERY careful in offering unlimited revisions (especially for the more time/labor-intensive gigs). Using the FAQ to elaborate on the packages is an interesting idea, but you haven’t elaborated, just repeated what was in the package line and/or gig description. If you don’t want to elaborate, then maybe condense them into one FAQ instead of one each.


I think your gigs look just fine, just keep at it, something will show up. Apply for jobs on Buyers Request to increase your impressions and clicks

Don’t mind, please.

Do you give me an example, please?

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Awesome I like it your idea.