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How to improve my gig and profile

Hi everyone!

I started doing this Fiverr thing back in March, and since then I’ve only had one gig posted. Since then I’ve had 6 orders, the last one being justa few days ago. It took me around a month before I got my first sale, but right after my first one I got two others. All my orders after April have been months apart though. I’m assuming this is because my gig is based off of me drawing abstract art, which is a niche interest. I’m mostly doing this because I think it’s good experience, but it would be nice getting a few more orders here and there.

I will draw you abstract one line portraits or designs
Is there anything in my gig that I could improve? Is there any huge red signs for buyers in my profile or gig?

I highly appreciate all feedback, and I hope you’re all having a great day so far!


You can add attractive an dprofessional gig image in your gig. It will help you to get clients…


It’s in “lifestyle->arts & crafts”. Should it be in “graphics & design->illustration”?

Also maybe create an additional gig, maybe with a different type of drawing in case that helps orders.

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I’ve changed the category now, thanks for the tip! It never occurred to me that illustration could be it’s own category, but now that you say it, I don’t understand how I could’ve thought it wasn’t.

I’m not very good at other types of drawings, but I’ll contonue to work on my skills and hopefully I’m good enough in another style to make a gig soon!

Thank you for the tip, I’ll try making one! I’ll look at what other people have made as their gig images, and take some inspiration from that.

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