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How to improve my gig as much as it is possible?

Hi,I am a newbie on,I have just started offering my skills on this website,so I have a couple of questions for experienced guys here.
I have already made two gigs,each of them has its own video and my offerings are pretty much clearly explained but I do not get any orders yet, two days passed absolutely no orders. I have only a few views on each of them. I really do not see the problem.
In first one I am offering an any type of article wrting,clearly explained in description while on the second one I am offering explainer video or some commercial animations.
I will give you links to my gigs,and if anyone could give me any kind of advice it would be really helpfull.If something is wrong with my gig (title,description,packages) let me know that I will give my best to solve these problems and get my first order.

Dear Marko:

Here is a checklist to help you improve your gigs.

If you are going to offer your services as a writer, it is critical that your profile and gig descriptions be completely free of typos or punctuation errors. The punctuation choices you’ve made may be common in Europe (I don’t know), but they are considered incorrect to Americans.

The phrase, “All these stuff” in your video is not helping you.

Good luck,