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How to improve my gig because people are not buying?

Hello Fiverr Community,

Im a professional UX/UI Designer from Germany with 5 years of experience in the business. I created 2 Gigs (1x Webdesign & 1x Appdesign) but it feels like Im missing something because people are not really buying something without reviews and this is getting a issue for me.
Do you guys have any tips for me how to improve my Gigs? For example I already thought about creating more Gigs that are more specific like “Webdesigns for E-commerce” but Im not sure if this will be the right way.

Here is my Profile:

I would appreciate it a lot if somebody could help me.


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Promote your gig social media and send buyer request keep up :blush:

Your profile states you’re a team, but you work as an individual? I’m a bit confused.

There are many grammar issues in the gigs.

I’ve gathered many helpful links in the (RRD) section at the end of this post.