How to improve my gig for order?


I’m new here. Need some help. Thanks


read up at the fiverr academy and make sure you don’t copy paste gigs/photos/etc. Don’t misrepresent yourself as being somewhere you aren’t and only offer gigs that you do well. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme. You’ll have to market yourself and have immense patience.


thanks…please details tell copy past.


I’m saying don’t just copy gig descriptions of other sellers or their images. Some sellers do that and it isn’t ethical.


and brush up on your English.


It’s not that much though. All you need is to follow Fiverr rules and do not copy paste others gigs. Try to describe your skills properly with different packages. You gig should represent your skills not you :slight_smile: good luck


thanks…for suggestion.


You are welcome dear :blush:


Thank you for the advice


Welcome to Fiverr. In your profile description you talk about yourself but in your gig description you say “we work”. This is confusing and off putting to buyers. Good luck! :slight_smile: