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How To Improve My Gig Impressions and Clicks?


In this forum, I want to ask, how can I increase my gig impression?

Since the first time my gig appeared (3 weeks ago), I’ve only managed to get a total of 69 impressions and 1 click. I guess that number is way below average. In fact, I have done all the things that I have to.

If there is free time, please answer my questions with pleasure. I really appreciate your answer.

Thank you,


if you increase your gig impressions and click.
Share your gig on social media. And remain active in Fiverr.
Best wishes for you.
I hope you get successful soon


There are plenty of way for increasing your gig impression!
Beside social media marketing on facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn
You can focus on the specific keywords regarding your gig services that can help your gig for ranking…


Thanks for the answer, my Online Buddy! Best prayers are with you.


welcome :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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One of the best answer, thankyou!

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You claim to be a writer, but your grammar is poor. This is reflected in your gig images, thus anyone who sees and recognizes the errors won’t click. Even if they do, you have more errors in your gig, meaning it’s unlikely to earn an order.


I thought… by using Grammarly, I can fix my grammar. :frowning:

Grammerly is not perfect. Language is complicated.

For example:

Redundancy. There’s no need for saying ‘hi’ twice, or to even include ‘In this forum’ or ‘I want to ask’ in the first line. (Though, the latter does make it a tad more polite. Also, ‘impression’ should be plural.)

Thank you very much for answering more complete, it helped me! :slight_smile:

The key is to always post your gig on social media. And if you can, reply to some popular accounts with you gig.

Thankyou for your honest answer! Have a great day!