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How to improve my gig & increase my sales?

Hi There,
I’m Minhaj Mithun, Working as a Graphic Designer.
How to improve my gig & increase my sales?
Give me some Tips & Tricks.



In this section of forum you can ask us to improve your GIG.

In order for us to do this effectively your post must be/include:

a) Preferably written in proper English language
b) Your experience and skills (real one, not you have Illustrator on computer and that makes you graphic designer, we need truth in order to help)
c) Links to your GIGs (this is section where it is OK for you to post your links)
d) Did you read TOS
e) Did you search previous topics on forum and how many hours did you read other topics related to your question?

Please provide answers in style
a) My answer:

Kind regards.


a) My answer:Okay
b) My answer:Graphic Designer
c) My answer:
d) My answer:Yes I read it.
e) My answer:No I’m new in fiverr from


a) Thank you
b) How are you a graphic designer, you have training, schools, certification, experience in companies?
c) It is not recommended and slightly against TOS to claim this:

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • 24/7 Availability
    Unlimited Revisions

Other than that your GIG looks good and your photos seem to be legit.
d) Good, thank you.
e) If you are new to the forum your first thing is to read the forum for a day or two then start topic.


a) Welcome
b) I’m working as a Graphic Designer 5+ years. I’m Training a Local Instituter. I’ve 3 Certification.
c) Okay, I’m Changing this.
e) Okay Thanks for your Advice
Best Wishes For you. :blush:

To increase your sales you should Research top selling gigs. Look at how their title, descriptions and tags are.Use keywords.Maximise your Tags.Stop editing your gigs too often.Contact customer support.Appreciate customer support.Always check your gigs availability on Fiverr search result using your keywords.Use SEO title when creating a gig.
And to improve your gig Offer Something Unique. There are a lot of gigs on Fiverr and there are a lot of variations on the same concepts over and over.Offer Surprising Value.Offer Upsells and Extras.Solicit Excellent Feedback.Offer a Guarantee.Keep your Title Short.Write a Very Detailed Description.Produce a Video Description.
Hope it will be helpful for you.
Thank you.


Thank you so much for your advice:heart_eyes:

apparently, “unlimited revisions” is literal. that is, i could buy a gig, then two i years later hook you up for as many revisions as i like, and if you don’t comply then fiverr will ruin your account. same as “100% satisfaction guaranteed”. it’s not just until the order is completed, it’s forever

i’m guessing the 24\7 support things means you’d have to answer each and every message within a minute or something. i don’t know, sounds like bollocks to me but this is why it is recommended that you ice those three things in particular

for the benefit of the tape, when i looked a minute ago, those things were still there


Sir I have a question. Why do all the sellers advise to create new gigs rather than modifying the exiting ?


actually modifying gig is not a permanent solution for all of us.
Moreover if you have (example : 5 gigs) that means 5*5=25 unique tags will be there.
So,it can increase your chance to get your order.
Can you got my point!!!

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Right Sir. Thank you


Thank You so much for your advice :blush: