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How to improve my gig on fiverr?


Please advice me improve my gig on fiverr


Your post above doesn’t make sense. If you want help with your gig you can post a link in the actual post above as that is allowed in this category.


Send daily 10 buyer request and try to keep online maximum time on fiverr also promote your gig in the forum or other social media platforms it will be enough to awareness of your gigs. :smirk:


As long as you’re writing great seller responses, then yes, this can be useful. But just saying, “I can haz do work” is NOT going to win you anything. Buyers will choose the sellers who are professional, skilled, and can prove both of these things. Most sellers responding to seller requests are neither professional, nor skilled. I know, because of seen their responses.

Just “sending daily 10 buyer request” is not going to win you the job. There’s a lot more finesse involved with winning the job, and most sellers responding to BRs lack any and all sense of finesse.

I’m really starting to hate this advice – because it is terrible advice. I see new buyers posting it ALL THE TIME. It’s false, untrue, and a complete lie. Sellers do not have to be online in order to make sales.

Since Fiverr is not designed to force buyers to contact sellers before ordering, there’s absolutely no reason to sit around waiting and hoping people see your little online indicator and choose to hire you. It’s going to happen so rarely, that you are better off spending your time doing something more productive.

Sitting around and waiting for sales and success is a TERRIBLE business strategy. There’s a reason why Fiverr’s tagline is, “In Doers We Trust”. Fiverr wants freelancers that work hard, that are constantly working to improve their services and marketing outreach. They do not want sitters who sit around staring at the wall waiting for things to happen. Fiverr wants sellers that MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.

Sitters and time-wasters NEVER achieve greatness. It’s the DOERS that change the world.

No, no, and no. Also bad advice. The Fiverr forum rules prohibit people from promoting their gigs in every single forum – except the “My Fiverr Gigs” forum. And, even then, you’re not going to make sales by spamming that forum category. That’s not where your customers are located. Your customers are located out there – in the world. Go out THERE and promote your gigs. Seriously, never, ever EVER spam the forums, because those are wasted posts that WILL be flagged and deleted by the forum mods.

Be smart about your promotional choices. Posting “buy my gigs” posts on the forum is not a smart promotional choice.

Maybe you shouldn’t focus on “awareness”, and instead, focus on building business relationships with potential customers who need your services. Plain, simple awareness rarely ever achieves anything, it’s the doing, and the action that makes things happen.


Thanks you :zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face:


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