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How to Improve My gig Please Help me

I hope you all are doing good in this pandemic. I am new to Fiverr and I need your help to improve my gigs, please. I am not receiving any order yet if you can help me then please give some tips so I can grow as a graphic designer in Fiverr.
thanks in advance
stay safe


Hey, your description is nice. There is a lot of competition for graphic designing but you should promote your gig on sites like: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or even quora! You should add a video to your gig to increase engagement. Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks for your good advice

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In the gig image it says “TAGLINE HEAR” and “TAGLINE INPUT HEARE”. I assume you mean “…HERE”.
And near the top on the right image it says “Tagline gose to heare” instead of “Tagline goes here”.

Also maybe reword “let us get a great experience each other”.

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  • stop offering unlimited revisions (10 should be more than enough) *

Also, your work looks really good! But everyone is fighting for their share of sales right now, and you’re in probably the most competitive category of all (tens of thousands of sellers). I strongly recommend expanding your freelance skills to more than one site other than Fiverr.


I agree. It’s not worth offering them in case you get someone who wants something like 30 or more. 9 revisions is the maximum fixed amount that can be selected in the gig set-up though.