How to improve my gig? pls give me some advice


Hi everyone, i a new guy on Fiverr, i can’t get any oders, pls give me some advices
Thanks :slight_smile:


and how can i change my country location?


I’m relatively new but there are a few things I’d change with your gigs.

  1. Make sure that the punctuation and grammar on your gig is professional sounding with minimal to no mistakes. I’m noticing a lot of “i”'s and some wording that doesn’t make sense. You want your first impression with your buyers to be perfect and to do this you have to sound professional. If a buyer sees language that is unclear or sounds childish, they may just skip right past your gig and move on to another.

  2. I wouldn’t say that you were new to the website and that you don’t know if your gig is good in your gig description because it makes it seem like you don’t have faith in yourself, and when this happens, your buyers will also not have as much faith as in you.

  3. Your gig says you draw black and white sketches, but your pictures show colored images. This might give your buyers a false impression of what you offer as a gig. If this happens, you could get reviews that downgrade your overall page and can make you not have as high of a percentage in your positive rating. Buyers review based on whether something is as advertised and described which if you get a bad service review, others in the future may not want to purchase your gig.

I hoped these helped and good luck in the future!


Thanks for advice, now i understand