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How to improve my gig / standout it very much crowded niche?

Hi fiverr sellers. I’m looking for helps and tips on how I can improve my gig and stand out in the most crowded niche on graphic design ? The thing is I dont want to change the niche, because this is the one I’m most interested in and I like what I do alot. Any help, tips, opinions on this? There is my profile:

Graphic Design is probably the most saturated category on fiverr so your chances are definitely slim.You can try offering gigs in related

Hey, thanks for Your replay. The thing is I don’t want to actually change the subcategory I’m in. That’s crazy how t -shirt / merch category is so crowded, it’s the one of most popular out here I think so. Maybe I should try to do a video representing and explaining what I do and what I offer in my gig? Did other fiverr sellers found this helpful? I have seen a post where it says that a video helps by 200% to make more sells.

I think your Gig looks good. I’m not in the market for a custom t-shirt design, but if I were, I’d buy from you.

A couple of minor tips:

  • You could fix the grammar in your Gig description. Doing so would make it a little easier to read. Grammarly should help.
  • You could mention your 24/h turnaround time in your Gig title. It’s a major selling point, so emphasize it.

I’m not a Fiverr seller, so I can’t comment on the effectiveness of videos. Could be worth trying if things don’t pick up. Marketing is largely about testing different strategies.

Good luck.


Thanks alot for Your golden tips!!

Best wishes.

@ahmwritingco told you what I wanted to say.

Besides , Market your gig

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Any ideas how to market gigs around the world for free? I already tried facebook groups, but I got banned. It’s crazy how facebook groups a created special for marketing Your gigs and facebook still ban you for posting links. I feel like I’m not ready for paid advertising yet.

Paid advertisements or google AdSense is may be banned (tag removed) offlinehelpers , please reflect on this.

Market on twitter, linkein, insta.

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Google Adsense is completely different to Google Adwords - you’re not allowed to promote your gigs via Google Adwords. Any other paid promotion is fine.


Thank you, you are great.

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I think you should add more examples. You have just 3 images and that’s not enough for a customer to see what you can do. You can add pdf file to show more.

Should I try to add the ‘behind the scenes’ of actuall process of my working on design? Should it make a thing for customer to imagine how I do and design things for clients? What You think guys? By the way… I still don’t understand a thing how to market my gig? Facebook still bans me if I post something to fiverr gig promotion groups in…