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How to improve my gig? Suggestion

Hello everyone! Just got to know the forum. I’ve been subscribed to fiverr for a long period but got my first order just weeks ago. My impression got higher but clicks are still very low.
I was wondering if someone has some suggestion to improve my gig.
Let me know what you think bad or good.

Really appreciate and hoping to return the favour soon!
See ya.


These are my suggestions/comments:

Gig: I will do 3d render of a architecture scene interior or exterior
In the gig title:
“of a architecture scene” could be “of an architectural scene”

In the gig description:
“the the” could be “the”. “like form apartments to” could be “like from apartments to”.

In the basic package “with basic forniture” could be “with basic furniture”

For the gig video, maybe make it wide-screen. It will fill more of the Fiverr’s box that way and it won’t get cropped so much on the profile/search pages. Maybe the video could be a longer duration with a camera movement that showed more of the room.


Thank you very much for taking the time to read and analyze my gig.
Those are good advice that even after re reading many time got passed.


Hi Michele! In addition to @uk1000’s excellent points, I might suggest you brand yourself as a niche provider - if not in this gig, then maybe in a second one, just to broaden your chances.

Rather than architectural drawings/renderings as a whole, think about a specific project someone might come to Fiverr for. Off the top of my head, I think about apartment complexes. Here in the US, there is a lot of turmoil about renting, thanks to Covid. When the “dust settles” I think a lot of apartment complexes are going to want to rebrand and freshen up their look to attract new renters, and that includes nice layouts of all their different apartments for a brochure, website, etc. Imagine if I own an apartment complex, come on fiverr, type “apartment layout creators” and BAM - there you are, right there to hire, and you hardly have any competition on the page, unlike broad architectural renderings. You see what I mean?


Thanks, it’s a really interesting advice!
I’ll definitely look for more information about this opportunity and start working on it.
Thank you again

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