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How to Improve my gig,

Please I am new to fiverr ( just 2weeks old), I need advice on my Gig because I have no oder yet.


I feel like you just simply copied your gig descriptions from another seller.


I did not copy, I just use more than one seller gig to build my own @theratypist

So… :thinking: …you copied from more than one seller?


Now I’m giggling and wishing there were more reactions for each post than just “like”


Lol, I just have to look how other people describe their gig for me to be able to do my own @jonbaas

Sorry I don’t understand you @daviddoer

Right. So you copied bits and pieces of their descriptions, because you think that by stealing the words of other people and pretending you wrote them yourself will make you successful. It won’t. Those who steal things and pretend those things are their own, always get caught in the end. And Fiverr does not like it when sellers commit copyright infringement. Copyright infringement is illegal, and Fiverr has warned, restricted, and banned sellers who do this.

If you have copied from other sellers, I recommend that you completely rewrite your gig descriptions, and use only your own words. You don’t want those other sellers reporting you to Fiverr for stealing from their gigs, and then having Fiverr remove your gigs.

EDIT: Oh my… you’ve stolen photos and logos from the internet as well, and are using those images to represent your gig. This is also a big no-no.

You’re not off to a good start here. You’ve got a few things to fix.


All your Gigs need to be redone, quite frankly. Offering to write reviews is also against Fiverr’s ToS, and no, just because someone else may be doing it doesn’t mean you can.

The stolen logos, stolen Gig descriptions…

Branding, logo design and creative writing are separate and distinct services. Since virtually nothing about your Gigs is your own, I doubt you can actually provide any of them, much less all of them.


share your gig in social media to get more impression

Thanks, will try to make correction, as fast as possible, but please don’t label me as a thief because I did not copy from anyone, I just read through other gigs for me to have the idea of what am suppose to write. About the image, I use what others are using as their gig image but my profile image is my picture. Am here to ask for your opinion because am new to fiverr, you can advice me and I will make correction but call me a thief. Thanks

Am new fiverr that`s why I made that mistake in combining them but am not a thief @legacine

Which is exactly what I did.

Then why are you acknowledging the need to make corrections:

I have seen many new sellers, like you, who claim to not have stolen anything, but are, very clearly, using stolen images, logos, and copied text. You can say you’re not stealing anything… but we can see that you have.

Please correct these wrongs so that you don’t get in trouble for stealing images from the internet, and taking the words of other sellers, and claiming them as your own.


I never know its wrong to take gig image from the internet and I never say that the image is not from the internet. You can advice me not pick on me @jonbaas

You aren’t the first Seller to use words and/or images that do not belong to you, you won’t be the last, and you are not being ‘picked on’ by being called out for indulging in what is, in many countries, an illegal practice.

Good luck to you.

1 Like -> That image have watermark on it. It means it CAN’T BE USED.

You want free images? Go to and you can find as many as you want.

Create your own lengthy and professional descriptions. Also, be more specific about the work you provide. In the above mentioned gig what is the amount of words you write for $5? 300 words? 1200 words? 128231 words? :joy:

Take your time and really read how Fiverr works, what are the best practices etc. Good luck :slight_smile:

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What am expecting from experienced someone like you is for you to say do this or that or this is wrong, I will surly listen to you because am a novice here

Thanks very much, u just pick point something out for me and I will make correction, Am very grateful

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With pleasure mate. It’s ok to not know if you are willing to learn.
Here are some more resources for you to digg in:

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Like I’ve told you when you personally messaged me for help. It would be nice that you take the time to read this and implement anything you see [from the thread I shared] that will help you. :slight_smile:

If you think that none of the tips from that thread have worked and helped you get an order, you can try again and ask for more help to improve your gig.