How to improve my GIGs and get more orders!


Hi seniors and experts,

Can anyone tell me how to make traffic to my GIGs? I get orders but they are not sufficient. Sometimes 1 or 2. Can you guys visit my **GIGs** and tell me what to add or change? I am very much worried about this as I have decided to make freelancing as my carrier. I want your valuable information.

So, please guys help me out to make my GIGs more better.:

Thanks you very much!

Shohag Williams (creativemelon).


So many sellers would do anything to have at least one order, so you’re lucky you already have orders - but if you want more, you’ll have to find your own way to do that :wink: For starters, I recommend reading the UPYOUR posts written by one of the Forum Moderators.

Asking that severely limits the responses you’ll get from people. You haven’t even mentioned any criteria regarding what “valuable” means to you so that we know what to post :wink:

As many have already said, don’t put all your eggs in one basket - which means that you should have a backup solution in case this freelancing career fails. Did you know that freelancing is a really tough job? It’s tougher than a real day job :wink:

You’ll experience constant ups & downs, as in periods with low to no sales, periods with better sales, holiday sales slumps, etc.

Freelancing has become even harder because there are so many who want to do it, and you may have noticed that the marketplace is already oversaturated - everybody wants to be a freelancer nowadays, so make sure you have a fallback solution just in case it won’t work out.

I don’t know how others feel, but seeing that emoji after your request made me feel like you’re not taking freelancing too seriously :slight_smile: Anyhow, you should feel lucky to have had all those orders that are visible on your profile :sunny:

P.S. a friendly advice: make sure you type “guys” correctly and not “gays”, because “gays” has a totally different meaning that may be considered inappropriate to others :wink:


Here valuable means to give some ideas how to flow traffics to my GIGs, please!


And sorry for that mistake. I have made correction of that silly mistake.