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How to improve my GIG's for new sales?


Actually i am a first level seller ,but seems if i won’t contact with the buyer request with potential clients i won’t do a work here and not everytime they order maybe per week 2 to 4 orders.

What’s the problem ? what i am doing wrong ?


You are doing nothing wrong. It is not as easy as it used to be. I am into the internet marketing for over 10 years and I have made only one sale yet.

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Hello! Same is the scenario with me, but i get messages from Buyers and after a nice chit chat we come to an agreement. But they go inactive and RIP. It’s a game of patience. The more patient you are the better you’ll get. Just don’t get dragged into something that’ll end up with raising issues, i’ll advice you to remain patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day :wink:

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I hope one day our BR will go through it take time as a new seller also:neutral_face:

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hehehe funny :smiley: but ys you are right we need to me patient. Actually 2 days ago i got 2 messages, one was 7000$, the other 1000$…well we chatted and he told that yes i will order and disappeared,After itried to contact with him but he didn’t answer me anymore. lol i was too angry honestly