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How to improve my Giigs

Hey Guys can you give me some advice why my gig didnt get any orders:disappointed_relieved:

here is my gigs Please send me your advices or suggestions it will be help full for me


Hi how are you?

I see that your GIG is not bad, you should include a video in all your publications. From that fiverr manaera better position your publication.

I could see that you have uploaded a video where you have 17 sales, but the video is very bad, you should think about making a better video, on Youtube there are many tutorials that can be useful!

Also, you could use some Envato template and just add your information.

Also, your description should be more extensive, talk about what you know how to do, how you learned it, how old you are doing, what you offer, and why you should buy yourself and not the competition.


honestly speaking you did the best efforts for your personal gig promotion. not every one can reach at this level easily. but after each record you break there is another goal stands in front of you. So your next challenge is ready as is mentioned on top.


I have moved your thread to “Improve my Gigs” where it belongs.


Try to put you image name same as gig title.


It is good for search engine optimize I think?


Bundle of Thanks samircreative for Good Advice and Suggestion … i will improve my gIg video and Description

Bundle of Thanks netartica for Good Advice, Suggestion and appreciate

Thanks jemesmondol for Suggestion