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How to improve my new gig?

Hi, how all? I am sayed. I do not know how to improve my new gig in fiverr?


check this out::)) Fiverr Help and Education Center


Search in your topics on the search bar. You will find enough post


thank you so much. your advice is relay helpful .

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follow mentioned rules

  • Search low competitor keywords

  • create eye cache image

  • Improve gig title

  • Improve description

don’t copy-paste from other gigs

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The new gig must be posted on various social media. You can also spend time in the Fiverr Forum, which will benefit you. However, if the image of the new gig is eye-catching, then you will definitely get more orders in your gig.

Create attractive gig images also use SEO-friendly gig title. Finally, send regularly send 10 buyer requests.

This will help you!!
Are You a New Seller? Not Sure Where to Start? These are the Resources You Need to be Successful on Fiverr [Long]

But there are no buyer requests. I’m new too and can’t see anything on buyer requests. When will i be able to access buyer requests?

Thank you.

The whole step of making a gig has to be done well.

A new seller can create 7gig on fiverr. So, create your gig properly and stay online and refresh buyer request page after 3/5 mins again and again. When you will see any request that match with your service so send them offer. Regularly you can only able to send 10 offer so do this and get your first order.


Best Suggestion. New Seller can follow this suggestion.