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How to improve my profile and gig?

Hi, I am a new seller at fiver. How can i improve my profile and gig? And how to get my fist order?
Here is my profile :
My GIG :


First of all: you have 2 the same gigs for business cards which is not allowed to duplicate your gigs with the same service. Secondly the both have different prices and I can’t see big difference in them from the first glance.
Secondly you have a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes which might put some people off.
Third: you are mentioning 12hours delivery on your description and on a gig itself you put 3 days delivery. Just an FYI buyers can cancel your gig even after you delivered your work within 3 days instead of 12 hours.
Fourth: “money discount” is a misused word. Probably you meant money back guarantee. But in both cases you shouldnt offer that. First because you can’t give them a discount after they paid for your gig, secondly by offering money guarantee you can get a lot of fishy buyers who want to get work for free.
Fifth: I don’t know if that’s your designs or not but they look like a lot of templates that people can download from the internet for free. People are looking for the unique service.
And that’s just from 1 min that I spent looking on your gigs. So just imagine how confused buyers feeling.


Thank you so much for your kind information.

Can you please check again?

yes information is really helpful !

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