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How to improve my rank in Fiverr

Well, I am new here in this fiverr community. I am not having new orders or knocks for few months after having some. I was informed that staying active on fiverr forum might give me higher chances to get knocks and orders. So my question is, (1) in which extent is this true? (2) How can I improve my ranks higher in fiverr as there is huge competition? (3) Should I replace my gigs that didn’t rank in fiverr search with some other skills? If so, please help me figure out which of my gigs didn’t rank in fiverr search page.
I will be grateful :slight_smile:

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Tip #1 - Posting on the Fiverr Forum does NOTHING for your Gigs.

Tip #2 - Fiverr is not Google, so forget about something called ranking.

Tip #3 - Use the correct keywords for your niche in your profile and Gig descriptions and that may improve visibility in search results.

Tip #4 - Read posts in the Fiverr Tips section of the Forum (not all tips there are legit) for some guidance.

Tip #5 - Concentrate on your skills and create Gigs that match them.

Tip #6 - Don’t give up, but don’t expect to get rich on Fiverr as it takes years to build a freelance career.

Good luck.


i will admit it…

That will be really helpful. Thanks