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How to improve my Rated Orders from 91% to 100%?

Hello Fiverr community friends,
How to How to improve my Rated Orders from 91% to 100% it was 100% before but now I see it’s down. now, what can I do please help me how to do now?


You can’t and you won’t be able to reach 100% ever.

And what’s wrong with 91%? It is still quite high. Some sellers have less than 50%, it also depends on the category and Gigs they are selling.

Rated Orders only shows your total orders/rated orders ratio, but barely means anything if not nothing.


Thank you so much for your opinion. It’s not a hamper for ranking right?


You can’t control the math.

I have 656 reviews from 859 completed jobs which is 76%.

I’m not here for reviews, so I don’t care.

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