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How to improve my rating

What can I do so that I can receive orders cause at the moment I can’t due to my rating being below 90%

You can always promote your gigs elsewhere on the internet. You don’t have to rely on only the Buyer’s Request page to obtain your orders. You can promote on your own too.

  1. Promote your gig at various social media platforms such as Facebook groups, google groups, twitter, instagram etc.
  2. Promote it here at this forums.
  3. Try your luck at Buyer Request make sure to respond in relation to their post not with just a template
  4. Optimize your gig, see what your competitors have in the description of their gigs
  5. Just be patient
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How can I promote my gigs

Well, @benlancer just mentioned a few ways, as well as a few other growth tips.

My answer: Figure out WHO your target customers are, figure out WHERE those customers are, and then go tell them about what you offer. There are many ways to promote. You need to do the research to figure out which ways work for you, and connect you to your target customers. I cannot do that for you. YOU need to do that research and resulting promotional work on your own.

And be prepared to work hard at it to. Success does not come to those who wait. Success comes to those who, like Fiverr says… are “doers”. Go do. Go promote. Go grow your business!