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How to Improve my Wix eCommerce Services GIG?

Hello Everyone,

Please check my GIG and say something about my Wix eCommerce service gig.

How to improve my gig image and description?
also, how to marketing my gig.


If you’re trying to convince people you create “stunning” websites, you need a professional gig image.

Your “Top reasons to hire me” aren’t engaging at all. All you’re offering is fast work. You don’t build a case for your skillset or value. And you say it’s a “unique idea” but it really, really isn’t.

Never offer unlimited revisions. It’s not professional and attracts scammers. No true professional offers this. It looks desperate. Don’t think that you’re more likely to get sales or be successful by offering people to exploit you. You won’t.

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thanks your reply… yeah
it’s a big mistake for me… i will fix my gig description now…

What about my gig image?