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How to improve on my gigs get orders

I have two months since I published my gigs. I have quite some impressions, clicks and views on my gigs, but so far I have just gotten one order. What should I do more.

Again what does it mean if I have impressions, clicks or views, I do not quite understand.

I have same problem.

Impressions are number of times your gig viewed in search results
clicks are number of time buyers clicks on your gig in search result
Views are number of times buyers viewed you gig

dont worry dont depend on buyers to contact you apply to buyers requests also share your gig on social media also make sure you’ve wrote your gig description professionally use the right keywords

Thanks for the information, advice.

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Basically, orders come through conversation with clients.

Be attentive to messages that come to you. It is very important to respond correctly to people, in order to convert them to purchase. Rarely people make an order, without prior communication.


Thank you for the information. I have just been able to communicate with one buyer, who gave me the order. Is it possible to contact the buyer directly?

your welcome :slight_smile:

Your gig not getting target impression and views try to share your targeted area

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Thanks, I’m trying to do all that. I am hopeful.

Contacting buyers without invitation is considered as spam and is not allowed.

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