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How to improve rating 4.8 to 5.0

Hello, now i’m in 4.8. How can i improve my rating from 4.8 to 5.0.
Each & everyday i earn review. But my rating is not going to increase. Please assist me how to do that ?

Having taken a cursory glance at some of your Gigs’ negative reviews, I would suggest taking their general themes to heart going forward.

You will achieve an overall 5.0 rating… once you’ve earned it. Not before.

I took a look at your reviews as well so I could better understand your issue and what @legacine told you. It appears that you have some good reviews recently, but you have a very large number of negative reviews and very unhappy buyers even in the past weeks. You can’t keep taking orders that you cannot deliver well if you want to have a strong rating. There is no way to assist you with this issue since you are still delivering work that earns poor reviews.

Thank you for you king advice. But some of the client Can’t able to give the best review. That is his problem. But i always try my best.

Thank you for you king advice. I always trying my best to earn good review. But don’t know why that happen.