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How to improve response rate in Fiverr? Please Help

Hello, I have a problem 2 days before i check my fiverr account, The fiverr is removed my badge because of response rate & the rate is decrease to 80% … Now i just check again its decrease to a 65% … Please Help me & give me any tip to improve it but i am daily fiverr user & also i give the quick reply to clients

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Reply every message within 24 hours.


Yes Brother i reply every message maximumly within 2 or 3 hours :confused:

Your response rate is based on your responses of the last 60 days. All you need to do is to respond as quickly as possible to each message you receive and it will come up again.

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Sir now any solution for i reach again to high response time & fiverr can return my badge ?

You need to send offers in Buyer Request section and then wait for buyers to contact you. As soon as you receive a message, reply to it. This is the only way to increase your response rate. The badges are not permanent now. Your recent performance will help you to regain the level.


But Now my ranking is down my level is now new seller. the buyer request are also very low . What can i do Please Any help @muhammadfaheem0

@muhammadfaheem0 Sir yeh kitne time baad response rate refresh hota hai mathlb update kitne time baad leta hai ? Any idea ?

The levels are temporary now. You can get your level again. Please search this forum for “Tips for sellers”. There are a lot of threads on this topic.
The response rate is based upon your last 60 days performace.

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