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How to Improve Sales and Keep Making Revenue

Hello Everyone! How are you doing? I am sure you’re doing great!

It’s been almost an year in Fiverr and a few months before I took this platform seriously and believe me it was such a relief to know that I did. I was grateful to quit my current job and become a full-time freelancer. As a Fiverr Seller (and buyer), I have made quite a community (especially here in Pakistan). And a lot of people have been asking how I am still getting impressions and sales everyday. Because ever since the Fiverr has updated its algorithm; some people are having problems; specially the ones who were making handsome revenue from Fiverr alone and it was their only source of income.

So if you’re one of those people who are struggling to make money; this post is for you. Here is a trick that I hypothesized and realized that it works for everybody: I told some of my friends to do what I did and it worked for them too.

My hypothesis was: if Fiverr’s algorithm is updating itself frequently, shouldn’t we be updating our gigs frequently too? It makes sense, right?

Here is what I told them:

  • Update Your Gig and Make it More Professional

Believe me or not but a lot of us DON’T improve our gigs and they stay the same as they were created in the first place. It might be because we think that our current gig is quite good enough as it produced sales before, and so it should today too.

But to be honest, that’s not the case in Fiverr as this platform continuously updates itself and adapts, and improves; so should you.

In my opinion, Fiverr’s algorithm love gigs that are updated frequently and:

  • Have a Detailed Explanation of What You Provide to the Client
  • Are Written in English that’s not a Copy-Paste and is Free from Errors
  • Include an Explainer Video About Your Gig (Optional but Recommended)

By updating the gigs, you show to Fiverr that you’re constantly improving yourself and adapting to the big freelance market. I am not sure how to put it in words but I’d strongly recommend you to give it a try. I am certain you won’t regret updating your gig.

P.S. Don’t upload a bad explainer video as it will turn customers away. I haven’t uploaded one yet because I want to upload an explainer video that clearly defines me and what I provide to clients, in a professional and jaw-dropping way.

P.P.S Always hire someone to work for you. For example, I hired a graphic designer to come up with a really attractive banner that I have on my gigs. I’d suggest you do the same but I am sure you may already be doing this as it’s a no-brainer opinion anyway.

Thank you for taking your time reading it. Let me know what you think about this post and feel free to add your thoughts in comments. I’d love to read your suggestions!

Best Wishes,
Adeel Abbas.

A Freelance Wordsmith at Fiverr.


Thanks for your valuable tips :slight_smile: i appreciate it


Helpful ! But i experienced if i update my gig its hide from first page


Sometime, during update you even do bad and lose ranking… Don’t update unless you are having poor GIG ranking… If your sales are handsome, just keep floating…


Thank you sharing this experience. My gig’s expression, views, clicks is increasing but can’t gig order I don’t understand why? Please can you give me any suggestion to visit my gig And I wanna another things how many Gig create more. I have four Gigs.
Thank you


Thanks for your tips


I think “Frequently” updating of the gigs have a negative impact as well. Because whenever I edit my gigs, they vanish from the search engine for a limited time frame.

And I find my gig to the lower position before it was updated. So, I am a little bit of confused regarding this issue whether updating gig is good or bad.

After all, thanks for sharing your tips. :slight_smile:


Yes, it does hide from the front page but for a limited time only. As I have said, if your gig has some good aspects (which I mentioned in the post) then it will produce more impressions; leading to more sales.

As I have mentioned in the post, if you are getting a lot of impressions but no sales; I’d be a good time to hire a copywriter for your gig description and a graphic designer for your banner or video.

@sheikhalijabed You are welcome.



Hi Webeeing. I have seen your profile and it seems you need to retouch your gig description a little bit. I would suggest that you find top-rated sellers (that sell similar services) and inspire yourself from their gigs.

@zubairfb It depends on your gig actually. If you’re getting improved impressions after the update but no sales; there is something missing in your gig description or video. But experiences can vary.


You’re right Minahmmas. Updating your gigs will make it vanish from the search engine’s top page for a limited time. But it will eventually be revealed to those who are looking for gigs like yours. Fiverr’s algorithm is very smart. It shows the gigs to people according to their search patterns. #Fiverr-Tips:tips-for-sellers

In my experience, whenever I update my gigs, it gives me more impressions and I eventually end up with more sales. However, this is what I experienced. It can be different for someone else.

The reason you might be getting a bad experience from the update can be because you are missing captivating magic in your gig. I have taken a look at your gig. In my opinion, you need to polish your videos.



Thanks for the tips :slight_smile:

hi…my gig is in the 1st page…but I do not get any order in a few days.I think I need to change my thumble…what about it…is it make any differ in algoridom.

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Well I agree with you, Mr. Jaffer, rarticularly, on a point that one should have a explainer video but not for sake for video, it should be catchy and attractive, otherwise, it will be counter productive in terms of converting visitor to customers.
I would like to add something here, in context of new algo, I think, fiverr demand sellers to be more active on forums, social sharing for getting traffic.

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By the way, you can create a compelling video using PowerPoint. Then you can record your own voice narrating it, or hire someone on Fiverr to do so.

I created my profile video with PP and then narrated it. It’s easy to change the theme to create a whole new look, either to update your gig or when creating a new one.


thanks for the advice.

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Thanks for the suggestion, it really helps

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Thanks. I guess it’s time that I add videos to my gigs. I just don’t know what I should be saying

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It doesn’t have to be elaborate to have an impact. Aim for content that is 60 seconds or less, since people have short attention spans and are usually in a hurry.

Think of what your buyer’s potential needs may be and how you might meet them with your gig.

For example, in a part of my video I say something to the effect of the need for a warm trusting voice for a phone system. I realize that’s what many buyers are looking for when they come to the site.

Using engaging graphics, a short, but compelling script and a great music track are a winning combination for a great profile video.


Thanks for sharing and i’ll surely apply these tips.

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Thanks Abbas for this. How often should one update gigs? Should the tags also be updated and at what time of the day and frequency? Been having trouble getting orders lately. I’d also appreciate it if you could review my gigs and suggest ways that I can improve.


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